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Easiest ways to earn money online.

the easiest ways to earn money online

“Dear reader, first of all, thank you for your time. I assure you that you will get valid information in every line of this post. Also, you would understand whether this post is useful or not by reading only a few lines of this post.”

Must: Please have a paper and pen/pencil to note down all the points mentioned in this post to filter the best way to earn money online.

Instructions: This post contains the ways to earn online, but you have to figure out whether the amount you get out of these ways would justify your time and effort. Careful- “because you might be making a certain amount of money by working online 8 hours a day, but cross-check that these amount is improving your revenue and your valuable time, through the ways I’m going to tell you.” If you could make a decent amount through these ways, then I could confidently tell you that your time & effort would become the passive income for you.


Generating the database:

Data is one of the biggest treasures. There are some simple ways to do data mining, but you must not misuse it. If you put the data for the betterment of lives, it creates wealth (wealth generates money) for you. Below are ways to generate the data.

Pre-requisites: MS Office or Maintaining the books, Browsing chrome & google forms.

Way to generate data:

  1. Collect the category wise permissible contact numbers from the business directories.
  2. Collect the peoples’ interest through google forms.
  3. Conduct a survey on a sector (example: Financial sector, Fashion, Cement, Bullion, IT, etc.) which you like.

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